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Analyze This Week 8

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Symbolic annihilation is the removal or marginalization of an entire societal group by the media.

One example that Tuchman discusses is the symbolic annihilation of women in the media. The media, acting as a mirror of society, also perpetuates certain repressive ideals that are commonly assumed as societal norms. This depiction of women, happy in the home or in pink collar positions in the office, and overall as the subservient part of the equation in work and family life, serves to symbolically  annihilate the view of women as powerful and independent contributors to society.  This depiction of women in the media, regardless of whether it is  a true mirrored image of society, shapes young girls hopes, aspirations and expectations for their lives.  This contributes to a relatively unbroken cycle of socialization that defines women as the weaker sex.


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October 15, 2012 at 4:57 pm

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