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Structure vs. Agency.

If you ask me if I’m a Christian, I have no trouble telling you that I am; in fact I’ll pretty much tell anyone that will listen.  I feel like the commandments of Christianity directly relate to the concept of structure vs. agency.  While as a human being, I have the free agency to do relatively whatever I please, whenever I please, the confines of the Christian values and structures to which I aspire in everyday life limit and guide the actions that I choose.

In the media industry, the rules of structure vs. agency are constantly applicable.  In a news organization, often owned by corporations who are responsible to share holders for making a profit, reporters and editors do not have the free agency to report on whatever they like.  They are responsible to the structure enforced by those corporations and shareholders, usually in the pursuit of a profit, to deliver news that will equate to ratings.  The conundrum of responsible reporting and moral agency vs. structure looking only at “the bottom line” is a media issue prevalent in society.


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September 10, 2012 at 5:08 pm

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